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Why should USA and other western countries minimize students from countries like India and China, where education, mainly basic education, is ruined, to allow only talented ones to join higher education and research sector in these western countries?

Most of these developing countries destroyed its own education sector, mainly basic school education for various reasons. I’ll discuss the issue mainly in Indian context. Most of the points are equally valid for other developing countries, including China.
1. The most crucial one would be criminalization of politics and politicization of education. Now, success in a country like India depends more on one's ability to exploit the current culture of sycophancy, corruption and crime- than anything else. 

In case of India, it mainly started during Indira Gandhi era around mid 1970s (she was assassinated in 1984). Since then the situation only deteriorated and the rate of destruction only increased so far, valid till today.

Many of these guys, who got western/American education and who became financially successful, open for-profit shops in the name of education there in India- flaunting American connection and attractive Western/American brand names to attract more students- mainly those who are more obsessed with going and/or living in the West or America than getting meaningful education.

It has now became an epidemic and reached its lowest as public education in India is deliberately being destroyed by politicians and almost everyone involved in that sector. Private schools, colleges and universities are mushrooming all over the country. Almost all of them are owned by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, mafia and other criminals like AMITY university owner Ashok Chauhan, who was charged with fraud in the 1990s by authorities in Germany, where he ran a network of companies. He returned to India and was never extradited. A plastics company in the U.S. also sued Chauhan in 1995 for failing to pay $20 million in debts, which led to an ongoing court battle in India. Now AMITY University is "the most successful private university in India". Such rich private universities by corrupt criminals from countries like India are also penetrating American higher education sector. It’s a worrying development for both India and USA.

Now there is absolutely now doubt that education, both basic school education and higher education, is among the top three sectors which is most corrupt and generate most black money there in India. It’s gains more significance considering that fact that illegal black money accounts about 75 percent of Indian GDP. Some credible reports suggest education sector, mostly operate with tax free non-profit or Non Governmental organization (NGO) status, became the most lucrative and most corrupt sector after recent slum in real estate sector. 

2. Private tuition and coaching schools came as a byproduct of politicization and criminalization of that sector. Now most of the schools, colleges, universities and coaching centers are owned by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen who have absolutely no idea and/or connection with education sector before.

Now private tuition and coaching schools have destroying Indian education system to its core. Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Rajasthan type states became the recent hot spots of mass manufacturing of idiots and mediocre students for different professional and other courses including engineering, medical, top civil service positions (e.g. IAS, IPS, IFS etc). Many of us are familiar with Kota, used to be a small town in Rajasthan, which later gained national fame for its high profile and and high pressure coaching schools to enable students to get into various prestigious institutions and lucrative careers in India, and crimes behind it? Another example- 50 Suicides In 60 Days: Dark Reality Of Andhra, Telangana Coaching Centres. Now even a kid in a village have to take private tuition, mostly probably by the same teacher, who is supposed to teach the same syllabus in a (mostly) tuition free government run public school.

About a decade ago, in many states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka, parents spend more money on private coaching for their children that all other items including school fees, transport, books, stationary and uniforms. Now that phenomenon has engulfed almost all of the country. Many teachers are known to run private tuition and well-organized businesses of coaching schools, neglecting their teaching duties in schools/colleges/universities. Such coaching schools and private tuition businesses by influential teachers and administrators are involved in almost every examination in India, including entrance/screening tests. They seemingly have mysterious ability to make highly successful ‘suggestions’ (probable questions in the examinations), influence mark scoring ability and ensuring that students perform well in entrance examinations without even covering the syllabus.

Such private tuition and coaching enabled students score very high in standardized tests that have a defined syllabus and exam pattern. They ranks high in various national and international entrance/screening tests including UPSC (that recruit top bureaucrats in India), GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, etc. These guys succeed at the cost of dedicated and talented students. Most of the successful ones are from rich and powerful families, as outcome of any competition there is decided based on parental money and/or influence, their connection to the institution and its bosses. Available data shows that the quality of vast majority of these professionals are pathetic, to say the least- both as a professional and as a responsible citizen of the society.

Gradually such immigrants become a social liability for the host country, in case they are allowed to permanently live there. These people already started promoting that culture of rote memorization, suggestion based 'education', private tuition and special coaching classes in countries like USA- mainly in big cities, where there is a huge population of such immigrants.

Enabling honest and talented students with dedication and grit from such developing countries like India and China would have far more benefit for both the host and the native country in the long run.

3. Many sources indicate that there has been a significant increase in forged resumes with fake degrees, and false ‘experience’ certificates from students and professionals from India. It’s indicated that about half of resumes from India have fake degrees while about 90 percent contain fake ‘experience’, many with ‘genuine’ fake certificates purchased from corrupt people and/or companies, mainly body shopping agencies, which mostly operate in the lucrative IT sector. Nonetheless, it seriously affect decent and honest Indian students and professionals. 

It’s the byproduct of many issues in Indian society where engaging in corruption is not only socially acceptable but also can be a matter of pride in terms of ‘intelligence and ability’ to be ‘practical’ to succeed. Far too many senior professors, Vice Chancellors, Directors of academic and research institutes and universities are known to be engaged in various issues of professional misconducts like plagiarism in countries like India. These forms of 'minor' corruption and crimes are 'nothing wrong' and accepted among them. That distorted sense of ethics and logic are not something that can go away from the affected individuals when they migrate to other countries or get degrees and jobs abroad. That would invariably affect the society they would be living .

4. Massive migration of foreign student is making it harder for local students, even talented ones, to get admission or afford insanely expensive higher education in American universities. Many, if not most, American universities actually prefer foreign students as those students are more lucrative source to make more money.

These corrupt and/or brain dead idiots already flooded western universities as lucrative customers for the universities. Those graduates naturally became an attractive option for cheaper and easily exploitable manpower for local companies. They are recruited mostly to do mundane routine technician or clerical jobs (including teaching) in universities, IT, R&D and other sectors in countries like USA, UK, Germany etc. That boost profit margin for the company. It’s not much due to shortage of suitable manpower, as the myth of ‘talent shortage’ was and still is being propagated by many companies. Keep in mind that there is a huge glut of underemployed and unemployed American graduates and PhD holders all over the country- The fool’s gold of Ph.D. employment data and Millennial College Graduates: Young, Educated, Jobless

5. Most of the 'successful' students from developing countries are very mediocre student. But most are from rich and powerful families. Increase in number of students from these countries seems to be directly proportional to political and corporate corruption there. They come to western universities mainly to get the stamp of approval from a western university in form of a degree. Many of them would go back to their native countries and occupy powerful positions in either public or private sector companies, that include academia and so called research or R&D industry- due to the same parental money or influence for which they could come to the US/West in the first place. Rich and influential parents would put them in such powerful positions irrespective of merit and other qualities need for the positions. That would put more pressure on local talents to flourish. The cycle of entitlement, culture of corruption and other symptoms of a feudal society strengthens with each passing generation, as we have seen since India got freedom in 1947. Inquisitiveness, intelligence and honesty suffer to prevent local talents and leaders to grow, who could have acted as educational or social or political reformers there.

The possibility for countries like India and China to develop its own talent pool, its own leaders, in real sense, is very low and deteriorating fast.

6. Many of them come only to pass the initial hurdle of immigration and enter the host country. Most of these students have no desire or ability (mostly both) to pursue higher studies or research in any sense of it. But they generally manage a decent job in some local companies as cheaper and easily exploitable manpower to do mostly mundane routine jobs, where critical or independent thinking is not much desired. Such jobs include university faculties and ‘scientists’ in many private and public organizations, besides most IT and managerial jobs in private companies. Keep in mind, most American universities are just another for-profit industry in every practical sense and they too need cheaper manpower as well.

7. These mediocre students from rich or influential families. A large section of these students and professionals harbor very orthodox feudal and racist mentality, believing in caste, gender and other forms of racial discrimination. You may find many Indian or Indian origin people in western countries proudly advertising their association of relationship with white Caucasian people but hardly you can see similar pride advertisement with African origin black or Hispanic- if they at all have it in the first place. It’s consistent with the fact that India is considered ‘the most racist country’ among 70 odd countries surveyed.

It does affect other students in the same group/class- both academically and socially. These kids would be of zero or negative value in the society when they settle in the host country- even though they might be financially successful or productive. It would be more damaging as these students start joining in public policy positions- either directly as a law maker or in a consultant position or individual contributor. In short, they become social liability in the long run. It becomes more problematic as they climb academic or corporate hierarchy and start participating in policy decisions in such organizations, including universities.

8. These students and professionals also have a high tendency to believe and live in a ghetto culture. They feel more comfortable with similar minded people, naturally. They tend to recruit similar type of students/employee when they start climbing employment hierarchy- either as a university faculty or in a private company. That’s not great in terms of promoting merit and equality in the host society. It also erode public trust on those institutions.

9. Many of these ‘highly educated’ Indians, even scientists (by virtue of degree or job hierarchy), are highly conservative and religious fundamentalist. Nature of religion does not seem to make any difference in this regard. The situation got worse in last couple of decades.

It’s assumed that rise of Hindu fundamentalist ‘nationalist’ govt in India got it’s major electoral victory due to its quasi westernized ‘highly educated’ ‘Hindus’- many of them are living abroad- like this Rajiv Malhotra as described in this New York Times article.

Current ‘Hindu nationalist’ Government in India seems to be increasing religious rhetoric and fundamentalism in Indian education and research system and making it ‘increasingly antiscience’ .

There are far too many such Indian origin ‘highly educated’ religious fundamentalists living in USA and other western countries- only to spread religious bigotry in the name of various religions, mainly Hinduism, in its totally distorted interpretation and practice. It’s bad for the host country like USA and India.

10. Such practice creates a very negative image about all Indian students and professionals among a large section of local people. It affect genuinely honest and talented ones too due to stereotyping. Many recruiters flatly refuse to consider otherwise suitable candidates from such minority background while many others hesitate- mainly for influential positions that need decision making, original thinking, trustworthiness and creativity. It does not matter what those companies and people say in public in this era of political and legal correctness. it also becomes a propaganda tool for many white supremacists.

11. USA and other western countries need to attract students, who have the desire and ability (aka, talent) to prosper in the area(s) of their study or work. They should be able to create wealth (not mere wealth management) in form of new technology or product (innovation), develop novel knowledge in their area of study (not mere teaching or publishing, mostly, junk articles that do not have much, even, academic value). Such people generally have self respect and pride for the job they do and life they live. Such students and professionals generally have strong willingness to assimilate and positively contribute to the host society (not just financially by simply paying tax) and have broad agreement with the ideals of secular democracy.

Laws of science and rules of technology, process to groom human creativity does not seem to vary when taught in western universities or for degrees purchased at a huge price. It’s basically the openness of the society, rule of (democratic) laws and trust on public institutions that make the difference. people who do not trust those core principles of (most) western democracies should not come here using education as a excuse or tool. If such people become a majority, then these countries will be like the ones those people were so desperate to leave. American/Western universities need to understand that as well. As we now know that it’s less likely that America/west trained professionals and policy makers would make India and China type countries to become like any productive western democracy or USA either.

USA and other western countries can do a great favor to the developing world by promoting honest talented students and professionals, and not patronizing those corrupt and opportunist people, mostly, rich and powerful elites in countries like India and China, who are actually destroying those countries, making those countries unlivable for decent honest people. Those ‘elite’ people, such corrupt and feudal (increasingly authoritarian) countries are imposing a huge pressure on their own diminishing flock of free spirited, honest and talented people, and also on rest of the world. They are forcing others to clean up the mess they are creating. The cycle of appeasement and corruption need to be stopped if the world need to survive and became a better place to live- for anyone and everyone.

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  1. You are correct about your assessment of Fake resumes, certificates and experiences especially in the IT industry. All these OPT students and H1B holders that are recent graduates from the US are flocking the IT industry with Fake experiences(6-8). This is a big business for the Indian ownership based Consulting organizations. Mostly owned and operated by Telugu community. I can go on and on regarding this subject. I presume that you came to the US as a Masters/PHD or some program to this country. Why are you here? Thanks, S.Sen

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