Friday, August 10, 2007

India on its 60th Birthday

I read a nice article in BBC news web site about Pakistani society. The situation in Pakistan, just one day older nation than ours, is not much different than most of the countries in the third world, particularly in Asia, including Indian subcontinent and Middle East. In all these countries "It is the ruling class that routinely breaks the law and considers it a privilege". Indian ruling class is no different than that of its Pakistani counterpart. "The people of this country have learnt to live in a system heavily skewed against them. They look for short cuts, they bribe their way, they use friends' and family's influence, they lie through their teeth, they plead and they threaten because there is no straightforward way to get things done"- is equally true for India.

Situation has not much changed since independence; so far common people of the country are concerned. In fact, according to many reports it has been deteriorated, despite of huge improvement in financial situation of some people of the country. Today when we see flood pictures from Bihar, UP, Assam and many other parts in India, we hardly can differentiate between Bangladesh, Pakistan and some sub-Saharan African states with India. General health index of common Indians are among the worst in the world (according to UN report), so does education; the two main pillars of any civilized society and prosperous nation. Please don’t site 4000 IIT grads or 5 lakhs IT professionals or so in a country of about 120 crores. Quality of education, wide spread corruption even in different joint entrance exams, drop out rate and literacy rate in India is still very worrying.

We are still maintaining a feudal society. Even today, sons and daughters of powerful people go abroad, buy degrees from prestigious universities in Europe or US but hardly get true education. These people comeback and do the same thing as their parents and grand parents did. The cycle goes on. Many of our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and industry captains do possess heavy-weight degrees.

It’s due to the same reason why many Indians, particularly Non Residential Indians, behave like feudal lords and demand royal treatment particularly when they are in India but sometimes in abroad as well. A truly educated person will be ashamed to its core to behave in such a way. The most unfortunate thing is that many of these people themselves prefer to settle in a western country rather than in a country, which has same type (Indian style) of society and law and order situation. They want the peaceful and prosperous life of a western country but at the same time they desire to have all the extra-constitutional privileges they are so used to in their own countries and societies. It’s not surprising that middle class and upper class Pakistanis and people from such societies/countries are the main driving force to organize and mobilize the jehadi agenda in US and Europe, as they do not get the extra-constitutional privileges here and get upset. These extra-constitutional privileges are also one of the main reasons why many such people prefer to go back to thier home countries.

The most deprived, under-privileged people are taking up arms to protest against such feudal system in India these days. Many times they are highly exploited by religious leaders, rich businessmen/industrialists and shrewd politicians. It’s not very surprising that practically no state in India is free from organized extremist violence these days. Is that the way to solve our problems? May be yes, may be no; but one thing I am sure about, India is maturing. It’s like bringing up an intelligent, healthy child who has loads of curiosity but don't know what and how to prioritize and the consequences. With proper, honest guidance and effort it has the ability and resources to become a prosperous and happy nation. But who will give this honest, able guidance? We can blame the politicians, but the fact remains that this situation will not change until a good number of honest people take up politics as a profession. They may not be able to do so while studying or working, but can think of it after retirement. If “good” people do not come, the positions will not remain vacant but will be occupied by these parasites and the country will continue to suffer.

The least we can do, for the time being, is to speak up in whatever forum we can against hypocrisy, corruption and cruelty we encounter in our daily life.

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  1. Very apt. I wonder why we have to wait for 'good people' to come. I wonder why we think we are not good enough? Isn't that a major problem with the country today? Aren't you and I good enough to change the country? Maybe not but unless we believe, it will never happen.


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